Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Winston-Salem, Surry Installing 'Disaster Proof' 911 System

Winston-Salem, Surry Installing 'Disaster Proof' 911 System

System To Be Online By June

POSTED: 3:03 pm EDT April 26, 2011
UPDATED: 4:19 pm EDT April 26, 2011
A new 911 call system touted to be disaster proof will be installed in Winston-Salem and Surry County, Winston-Salem-based DataChambers, the company selected to host the system, announced Tuesday.The new system, which is expected to begin testing in June, improves response times by more accurately locating 911 calls and rerouting the calls to the appropriate call center. The calls will still be properly rerouted during an emergency, the company said, because its system is supported by plenty of bandwidth and won't be blocked by network limitations.The system will be housed in a blast-resistant facility and will be backed up by several generators, the company said. It was designed by Greensboro-based Synergem Emergency Services.“Synergem is on the forefront of a revolution in how 911 services are delivered and managed in communities across the nation,” said Nicholas Kottyan, chief executive officer of DataChambers. “We’re delighted to support them in building their business.”It could be several years before the system's full functionality is realized, the company said.

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