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Calvary Baptist helping people recover from addictions

Calvary Baptist helping people recover from addictions
by Ryan Sarda, Sports Editor
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Kevin Broyhill and Michael Wells just want to help people.

Broyhill, the Senior Pastor at Calvary Baptist Church in King, felt called by God to start a recovery ministry at his church, and he asked Wells to direct it.

Thus, Reformers Unanimous was born.

Reformers Unanimous, a Christ-centered addictions program that is headquarted in Rockford, IL. The chapter at Calvary Baptist Church was officially started earlier this month.

“It was on the heart of our pastor and it was on my heart as well,” said Wells. “Calvary Baptist has some incredible facilities that are nice enough to hold a program like this. We felt like the church was a good, central location to have this program.”

The program meets every Friday night from 7-9 p.m at the church. It is open to all adults who struggle with an addiction or a “stubborn habit.”

“We help those with any kind of addictions,” said Wells. “We’ve helped those with addictions from drugs and alcohol to pornography as well as food addictions. We help people try and recover from any kind of addiction out there.”

A typical Reformers Unanimous meeting is broken down into three sessions.

The first session is more of a testimony time for the people in attendance to pray and thank God for the victory that they are receiving through the program. The second session is the support group where people are broken into small groups to talk about their addictions.

In the third session, the Gospel is preached to those in attendance. The Scriptures are based around the respective topic at hand during the meeting.

“Basically, we talk to God first and then we talk to each other and then we let God talk to us,” said Wells. “In the first session, we let the people testify to God and we let them talk about what God is doing in their life. In the second session, they’re broken down into small groups and we help give them ways to overcome their addictions. The last session, we preach the Word of God to them and have victory.”

Although the program is held at Calvary, Wells says the program is not just a church-based program. The Calvary Baptist Church chapter of Reformers Unanimous is open to anyone in the King community and in Stokes County.

“The program is designed for members of the community,” said Wells. “It not just for the church. It’s a great community program and we are available for anyone and everyone.”

The success rate is a high 84 percent for the student in Reformers Unanimous that applies the curriculum and the principles taught during the meetings.

“It’s more than just attending the meetings on Friday night,” said Wells. “It’s also about applying what we teach to their everyday life and following the program. It’s been great to see God working in so many people’s hearts.”

Reformers Unanimous was founded by Steve Curington, who had a 10-year addiction to drugs and alcohol. He was able to battle his addiction thanks to his faith, the support of his church and his understanding of God’s principles of life from the Bible.

Curington founded the program in April of 1996 to help share the Truth and principles that helped him overcome his addictions.

Since the program officially started earlier this month, it has averaged about three new people per week. During last week’s meeting, 10 new people arrived.

“It’s growing pretty quick and we’re very happy to see that,” said Wells. “The testimonies we’ve heard have been great. God is speaking to so many people through this program. We have one gentleman who is three years clean. It’s a great victory.”

Although the program is geared for people recovering from addictions, Wells says there is one thing he has noticed from the program.

“One thing I’ve noticed is that it’s a great discipleship program,” said Wells. “Even people who don’t suffer from addictions come out to hear the Word of God. It’s a great way to help those people grow closer to God as well. That’s what this program is all about.”

Wells is one of 10 volunteers that helps lead Reformers Unanimous. The ministry also has a program for kids and a nursery for younger children.

“We’ve got a little bit of something for everybody,” said Wells. “If people have kids, bring them and we will take care of them. We don’t want people not to come because they can’t find a babysitter or they can’t find something for their kids to do.”

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