Sunday, March 6, 2011

Carolina Fans Celebrate Big Win On Franklin Street

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Chapel Hill, NC -- After Carolina's big win, there was no happier place to be than Chapel Hill Saturday night.
Right after the game, there was a huge crowd at the intersection of Franklin Street and Columbia Street. Carolina fans started running up and down the street when the Tarheels won. Fans set off fire works and honked their horns. Then the crowds tried to starts fires while the police and fire department broke everything up.
Before the game started, both Carolina and Duke fans were very confident.
"We're at our house," said Julianne Hoell, a senior at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. "We've got great fans. I really think the guys are pumped."
"I'm expecting Duke to dominate tonight," said Bradley Bice, a Duke fan who drove from Wilmington. "All the way."
Fans said Saturday, if you're from North Carolina, you have to pick a side. You either wear 'Carolina Blue' or 'Duke Blue.'
"In high school I would watch the ACC Tournament," said Hoell. "Some kids would be on one side cheering for Duke, some would be on the other cheering for Carolina."
"I have been a Duke fan my entire life," said Jordan Pate. "I never quite made it to the Duke-Carolina rivalry. Fortunate enough to get some tickets today."
Franklin Street in Chapel Hill was Tarheel territory Saturday, except for a few brave souls, like Jordan Pate.
"I'm just trying to show the Blue Devil spirit through here and try to talk some sense into these Tarheels," Pate said.
The Duke-Carolina rivalry hits even closer to home for Pate. his wife, Elizabeth, is a Carolina fan.
"It was very tough when we first started dating," he said. "She almost didn't talk to me."
"We can't even watch them on TV together," said Elizabeth. "I'm not sure how we're going to be able to sit next to each other tonight."
Nothing is better than being at the game and seeing it all go down.
"Win or lose, it's a huge game," said Hoell.

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