Sunday, February 27, 2011

Strange State Laws

Strange State Laws
  • In South Carolina, its illegal to fish with a yo-yo
  • In New Orleans, parade-goers can’t throw bomb bags or rodents
  • In New York, tongue-splitting must be done by a licensed medical professional
  • In Utah, merchants must keep goose eggs separate from chicken eggs
  • In the U.S., Mr. Potato Head candy from China cannot have springs
  • In Utah, owners of feral cats must get them ear-tipped
  • In Tryon, North Carolina, its illegal to allow your fowl to cackle or crow
  • In North Carolina, cats that talk for money must pay income tax
  • In Illinois, you cannot nuzzle or kiss your reptile
  • In New Hampshire, an official produce box must measure 2,162.89 cubic inches
  • In Adams County, Colorado, massage-parlor employees must wear all-white slacks
  • In Columbus, Georgia, a person cannot wear a hat in a theater
  • In Louisiana, staging sham wrestling events is not allowed
  • In New Hampshire, lightning rod salesmen must be licensed.
  • In Kentucky, lawyers must swear under oath that they haven’t engaged in duels
  • In Grand Forks, North Dakota, it's against the law to break into a dog pound
  • In Vermont, officials publish Best Management Practices for Resolving Human-Beaver Conflicts
  • In Salt Lake County, Utah, catteries are permitted to keep dogs
  • In Maine, sea urchins and lobsters cannot be placed together aboard a boat
  • In Deadwood, South Dakota, it's illegal to mix one drink with another without a permit
  • In Rhode Island, a person who steals or receives stolen poultry gets a year in jail
  • In Pocatello, Illinois, a 1948 statute prohibited citizens from frowning
  • In Massachusetts, selling a stink bomb is a crime
  • In West Virginia, it is a “crime against the government” to display a red or black flag
  • In Utah, residents can’t use a salamander as bait
  • In New Hampshire, a hunter cannot have a ferret in his possession
  • In Vermont, touting and common barratry are prohibited

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