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North Korea

North Korea

North Korean leader Kim Jong-Il and soldiers from the Korean People's Army Unit 1286 (AFP Photo / KCNA via KNS / Files) 10.02.2011 15:55 14 comments

Russia expecting year of “intensive contacts” with North Korea

Moscow wants more intensive contacts with its communist neighbor North Korea in order to ensure peace in Northeast Asia, yet the situation between North and South Korea continues to deteriorate.
08.02.2011 11:50

Koreas try to diffuse tension

Military officers of North and South Korea have come to the negotiating table on Tuesday for the first time since the escalation of tensions in the region last year.
12.01.2011 17:56

S. Korean man arrested for “tweeting” praise of the North

South Korean prosecutors have arrested a man for disseminating pro-North Korean videos and text through social networking services, which is a criminal offence in the republic.
China, Beijing: China's Minister of National Defense General Liang Guanglie (R) shakes hands with US Secretary of Defense Robert Gates (L) at the end of a conference at Bayi Building in Beijing on January 10, 2011. (AFP Photo / Pool / Larry Downing) 10.01.2011 16:58 2 comments

US and China Defense Chiefs meet in atmosphere of suspicion

With China beginning to challenge America’s superpower status, US Secretary of Defense Robert Gates is in Beijing for three days of talks with Chinese top brass and President Hu Jintao.
08.01.2011 13:25

North Korea calls for peace talks with South in near future

North Korea has again called for a peaceful settlement with South Korea following months of tension and deadly incidents.
30.12.2010 19:05 4 comments

Moscow calls on Koreas to move from “muscle flexing” to dialogue

Moscow has called for the resumption of talks between both South and North Korea in the hopes of easing tensions between them.
30.12.2010 13:37

Moscow urges N. Korea to return to nuke non-proliferation

Russia insists that North Korea should come back to non-proliferation regime as a non-nuclear state, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Aleksey Borodavkin has said.
29.12.2010 18:45

N. Korean nuclear issue to be solved only through six-party talks – S. Korea

The crisis over North Korea’s nuclear program can be solved through diplomatic methods, South Korean President Lee Myung-bak has said, despite recent tension with Pyongyang.
AFP Photo / KCNA via KNS 24.12.2010 17:28

Northern exposure – S. Korea fears more nuke test from neighbor

The North is likely to stage its third nuclear test next year, according to a report made public by South Korea’s Foreign Ministry Research Center.
An AH-1S Cobra helicopter. (AFP Photo / Pool / Wally Santana) 23.12.2010 16:47 4 comments

N. Korea rears up for “sacred war”

As South Korea continues to stage its military exercises, North Korea says it is prepared to respond with a nuke-fuelled “sacred war.”
South Korean Army K-1a tanks fire rounds during air and ground military exercises on the Seungjin Fire Training Field, in mountainous Pocheon on December 23, 2010 (AFP Photo / Dong-A Ilbo) 23.12.2010 14:19 2 comments

Pyongyang enraged by new South Korean war games

Russia says it will continue its diplomatic efforts to help ease the tense situation on the Korean peninsula. However, a new series of South Korean war games on Thursday has only fueled the conflict between the two Koreas.
South Korean marines patrol on the South Korea-controlled island of Yeonpyeong near the disputed waters of the Yellow Sea on December 19, 2010 (AFP Photo / Kim Jae-Hwan) 20.12.2010 23:33

Use of force on the Korean Peninsula is unacceptable – FM spokesman

The Korean sides should exercise restraint, responsibility and avoid escalation of tension in the region, said the deputy director of the Russian Foreign Ministry’s Information and Press Department.
Korea, Seoul : South Koreans watch a live TV breaking news about South Korea's live fire artillery at Seoul train station in Seoul on December 20, 2010. (AFP Photo / Park Ji-Hwan) 20.12.2010 10:38 2 comments

S. Korea holds military drills despite UN Security Council emergency meeting

South Korea has carried out live-fire military exercises on an island close to the border with North Korea, despite threats of retaliation from Pyongyang.
16.12.2010 22:04

Fantasy world of North Korean contemporary art

Winzavod is set to break the ice between North Korean art and international audiences in the Russian capital.
16.12.2010 13:18 1 comments

South Korea to stage more military drills

South Korea plans to stage live fire-drills on the same island that was shelled last month in an exchange of fire with the North.
15.12.2010 14:33

Moscow at center of diplomatic efforts over Korean tension

Russia is hosting separate talks with North and South Korean representatives over the current tense situation on the Korean Peninsula.
13.12.2010 14:34 1 comments

Russia hosts North Korea’s envoy, calls for six-party talks

Pyongyang's nuclear program and a return to the negotiating table were on the agenda during a meeting between Russia's foreign minister and his North Korean counterpart.
06.12.2010 20:38 1 comments

US, South Korea war games bring peninsula to brink of war – activist

US naval exercises with Japan, ongoing near the Korean peninsula in the Yellow Sea, are meant to provoke and escalate tension in the region, says anti-war activist Brian Becker.
South Korean Marines (AFP Photo / Jung Yeon-Je) 30.11.2010 08:49 9 comments

US trying to intimidate North Korea - analyst

Korean affairs expert Leonid Petrov says American efforts to keep North Korea on edge are getting dangerously close to sparking a conflict.
30.11.2010 05:34

Obama addresses Congress in last attempt to push START ratification

As Republicans try to stall the process, Barack Obama has addressed the US Senate as he seeks additional support from Congress to ratify the nuclear arms reduction treaty with Russia.

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